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Amele's Corner - A Heartwarming Tale of Hope and Parenthood

By :Naa-Sakle Akuete 0 comments
Amele's Corner - A Heartwarming Tale of Hope and Parenthood

Parenthood is a deeply human experience that holds an undeniable allure for many individuals and couples. The desire to have a child can be a profound longing, and for some, the journey to parenthood is not without its challenges. In the children's book And Tango Makes Three, written by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson, the authors touch upon the themes of longing, acceptance, and the unconditional love that can come from unexpected places. This heartwarming tale sheds light on the emotional rollercoaster of trying to become a parent.

Throughout our lives, society often instills in us the importance of preventing pregnancies. We learn about contraception methods, family planning, and the significance of making “responsible” choices. However, life has a way of surprising us. Sometimes, the desire for parenthood can emerge unexpectedly and with great intensity. The longing to bring a child into the world can become an all-encompassing dream, overshadowing previous notions of what one's life should be like. Suddenly, the focus shifts from avoiding pregnancy to desperately wanting a child.

And Tango Makes Three is based on the true story of two penguins, Roy and Silo, who formed a bond and longed for a chick of their own. In their quest for parenthood, they watched as other penguins seemingly effortlessly brought life into the world while they remained unable to do so. Instead, Roy & Silo showered their care upon rocks, until one day, they were given the opportunity to become loving parents to their very own baby, Tango. 

This is what makes And Tango Makes Three infinitely relatable – the emotional journey of trying to become a parent can be an incredibly challenging and exhausting experience. Hopeful parents-to-be may face disappointment month after month, feeling a profound sense of loss while potentially even questioning their own self-worth. Frustration, sadness, and guilt may arise, making the journey to parenthood a rollercoaster ride of hope and despair. And Tango Makes Three reminds us that while the path to fulfillment and happiness may not always follow a conventional route, the desire to become a parent is a universal longing that can touch the hearts of people from all walks of life. Ultimately, it beautifully captures the emotional journey of those who face challenges on that path and offers hope that unconditional love will prevail.
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