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Mother’s Shea is a family-run social enterprise from the makers of Eu’Genia Shea. Intense demand for Eu'Genia led to a push towards affordable luxury and the launch of Mother's Shea.

 Shea butter is a continually trending ingredient, but the more shea butter the better and not all shea is created equally. Mother's Shea utilizes upwards of 60x the amount of shea butter as competitors and our complete vertical integration (from tree to shelf) ensures quality. With a max of five all clean moisture packed ingredients, everything in this tin was made to delight.

 And our company was made to empower as well – our mission is to support as many women as possible as holistically as possible. To that end, we are dedicated to fair wages and opportunities for our female workers in Ghana and donate 15% of our profits back to them in the form of an education fund.

 We're a mother-daughter duo. When my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, I decided life was too short to not spend our days together. I founded this company with her help in 2015. We're using her past experience as the President of the Global Shea Alliance to provide consumers with the best shea around. My mom was born to a wonderful Ghanaian midwife named Comfort (also aptly known as Grandma Sunshine). By the year, 2000, Mom was making use of Grandma Sunshine's best kept midwifery secret – raw, unrefined Ghanaian shea butter. With the help of hundreds of sustainably paid farmers, Mom grew her bulk shea butter business, Naasakle (, eventually becoming an acclaimed expert in the space. Mother’s Shea products utilize Naasakle shea butter to provide end consumers with the best of the best.


Naa-Sakle Akuete

32-year-old Naa-Sakle Akuete has an MBA from Harvard, but the best business professor she’s ever had just might be her mother, Eugenia.

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